two songs for banjo and voice

there’s a brand new little record label from brussels called i will play this song once again records. the concept for the label is quite simple . . . each release will be two songs from a certain artist, and for each copy that is made the two songs will be recorded again, so each copy of the release is unique and personalized for whoever ordered it. the artist decides beforehand how many recordings he or she is willing to make. awesome!!

so, sylvain and florent (who started the label) reached out and asked me if i might like to be the first release on this new label. and what did i say? i said i have these two songs on the banjo that i’ve been playing at my recent shows, and i was dreaming about doing something special with those two songs, so this idea is perfect! as of today, you can order a copy of two songs for banjo and voice, limited to just 25 copies! for each copy ordered i will record the songs again, stating the time of the recording and the person for whom they are for. you can even hear the two songs here before you decide to order them.



7 thoughts on “two songs for banjo and voice

  1. aha cool! let me know if you have any special requests for sounds or words on your recording. maybe you want all the songs played at double speed, or for each sentence to be ended with “yeeaah motha fucka!”, or something… 😉

  2. Darn… too late. If you’ve got an extra copy, Peter I’d sure appreciate it if you could put one aside for me 🙂

  3. ahhhh damn . . . all the copies go to the people that ordered them and i only get one copy for myself, which is just the versions that i posted above… sorry!

  4. happy new year peter!
    first release i missed from you. my completist hart is broken 🙁
    see you soon.
    cheers ralph

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