can i call this a music video?

for some reason i’m quite proud that there are four minutes of just talking at the beginning of side b on these walls of mine . . . i’ve been a longtime fan of books on tape and also recordings of poetry (think jack kerouac) and singers who sometimes speak their lyrics (think laurie anderson and gil scott-heron). and now i have my chance to add to that world of sounds. but can i call it a song? if it’s a song, then i guess this is a music video! in the clip above you can see the physical production of the album, at the cd and vinyl pressing plants, and at the printers in berlin who produced the books and boxes for the deluxe edition. a massive thanks to erased tapes and torsten posselt at feld for doing such a beautiful job with the packaging on this one, and to alexander schneider for his lovely filming and editing.

2 thoughts on “can i call this a music video?

  1. This is excellent! A clever way to have a music video to a ‘musicless’ track – and very interesting to see all those behind the scenes processes…

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