peter 1

My name is Peter.

I have spent a good portion of my life playing music. Some people know me as a solo musician, others know me more as an accompanist, a session player, or an engineer/producer. For a list of my recordings and all the different artists I’ve collaborated with, please visit the Discography page.

I love all music. Which is not to say that every song I hear touches me . . . but I am open to all styles of music and encourage anyone and everyone to partake in the process of creating music, regardless of their level of technical expertise. My aim is to approach music with a sense of openness and wonder, and to never be tied down to any one particular style.

I also love lots of other things along with music. I love food and I love to cook. I love books and all forms of poetry and storytelling. I love all living things from donkeys to dandelions and I also love things in which life is sometimes not so apparent to us humans like stones and mountains. I love the parts of our lives that are impossible to describe, the very subtle things that we feel that are so fleeting and amorphous and which there simply are not words for. I love the idea that perhaps no matter how many words we invent, no matter how much we dig to understand our experience, that we’ll never be able to understand it all, and that maybe the best way to describe this vast interglactic-multidimensional-neverending-neverbeginning-mishmash-kaleidoscope-of-life is with no words at all.

I love the great mystery.

peter 2

Photographs by Joshua Rain