The Perpetual Glow

As my contribution for the new collective album 1+1=X on Erased Tapes, I offered this little lullaby song, ‘The Perpetual Glow‘. Luckily for me my sister Heather Woods Broderick happened to be in Berlin at the time, so we were able to make it a brother and sister duet, and also invited virtually everyone else in the studio that day to contribute to the piece, including the studio engineers themselves, as well as some amazing musicians like Simon Goff, Qasim Naqvi, Masayoshi Fujita, Anne Müller, and many more . . . even Robert Raths (Erased Tapes label founder) played some piano and sang in the choir. A truly wonderful experience in the studio with this extended family.

2 thoughts on “The Perpetual Glow

  1. Wow! That’s a keeper. Beautiful sound, serene and builds so nicely. Great mix of input and nice to hear Heather – whom I can pick out in a great deal of your projects and the other musicians projects you work on namely Chantal’s and David Allred’s works. Really enjoyable.

  2. In one word: heavenly

    Thank you for your beautiful music, dear Peter!
    I keep my fingers crossed and dream about the day I’ll see you live here in Brazil.
    Hope It doesn’t take that long for you to come and visit us.

    Kind regards from the Brazilian hot tropics (:

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