How They Are Reissue

My beloved HUSH Records from Portland, Oregon have just re-released my 2010 mini-album How They Are on vinyl. The original vinyl pressing from Bella Union sold out many years ago, and I’ve had people asking me for this record for quite some time. Finally, it’s available again!

While planning for the reissue, I remembered a song called ‘On Top And All That’, which I had originally planned to include on this record . . . but in the end the song felt a bit too quirky to fit in with the rest . . . not to mention, it had taken me so many takes in the studio to record it, by the time I got out of there, I was so sick of the song I didn’t want to hear it any more!

But doesn’t time heal all tunes? This B-side is included as a bonus download with the new vinyl pressing, and Chad from HUSH dug up some ‘bloopers’ from the studio, so you can see for yourself just how many times I tried to record that song, ha! And for those who might have missed it, you can still watch live studio videos for all seven tracks on the record, right here.

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