Check out the new album Bleaching Bones by Landless . . . it has just recently come out on new Dublin based label Humble Serpent (love that name). Landless is a quartet of four women from Dublin and Belfast, and they simply sing together a cappella. If you love the the sound of unaccompanied voices like I do, then you’ll love this record. I think it’s one of the most beautiful and raw things I’ve heard in quite some time. I shared the stage with Landless at a concert in Ireland a couple years ago, and I’ve been waiting ever since for the release of their first album.

Thanks to all who came out to my Piano Day concert in Ljubljana . . . it was great fun, and an amazing opening concert from Rok Zalokar. Here’s a little piano song of mine which I wrote last year for the wedding of some family friends:

2 thoughts on “Landless

  1. hi peter,

    thank you for this beautiful and charming wedding song 🙂
    have a lovely & flowery spring time~ 🙂

    peace and love,

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