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My new record All Together Again is released today on Erased Tapes. It’s a collection of commissioned work, meaning other people asked me to write these pieces for different projects and special occasions over the years, and the music has now been carefully collected together into what I feel is a very cohesive record. There are long songs and short songs, dense songs and sparse songs, instrumental songs and vocal-based songs . . . it’s a diverse and vibrant collection of tunes, and if I may say so I’m darn proud of it!

Here’s a video of me creating the album artwork, with an excerpt from the last track on the album, and a list of new tour dates below. Also . . . for many years now I’ve made the decision not to participate in social media (I end up wasting too much time on those things!), but my booking agent and good friend André has been kind enough to start an official Facebook page for anyone prefers to keep up to date in that way. Thanks André, thanks to you all.

02/02/2018 – Glasgow, UK – Celtic Connections
03/02/2018 – Riccione, Italy – Spazio Tondelli
04/02/2018 – Athens, Greece – St Paul’s Anglican Church of Athens
05/02/2018 – Belgrade, Serbia – KC Rex
06/02/2018 – Prague, Czech Republic – Festival Spectaculare
07/02/2018 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Rotondes
08/02/2018 – Geneva, Switzerland – Festival Antigel
09/02/2018 – Berlin, Germany – XJazz Berlin
10/02/2018 – Münster, Germany – Pianeo
01/03/2018 – Graz, Austria – Elevate Festival
29/03/2018 – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Piano Day
11/04/2018 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Ideal Bar (VEGA)
12/04/2018 – Hamburg, Germany – Haekken
14/04/2018 – Istanbul, Turkey – XJazz Istanbul
15/04/2018 РLondon, UK РJazz Caf̩
18/04/2018 РGen̬ve, Switzerland РMenuhin Competition
19/04/2018 – Brugge, Belgium – Ryelandtzaal
20/04/2018 – Utrecht, The Netherlands – Doospgezinde Kerk
21/04/2018 – Brussels, Belgium – Le Brass
18/05/2018 – Castellón, Spain – Sala de Camara, Auditorio de Castellón
22/05/2018 – Ourense, Spain – Liceo Ourensano

More to come soon!

13 thoughts on “ATA Out Today

  1. It’s a really lovely album Peter as always. Liked your art work also as felt the colours and the shapes were individual tracks from various compositions and works that all feel unique and different being a part of their own purpose, yet belong All Together Again.





    Can see the artwork as an animation having a centre point and the coloured items (tracks) moving around it overlapping, changing colour as they do and having an oppacity so also going and becoming something else. Remix album?

  2. Thanks Kate! 😀

    Jivago . . . no South America yet . . . I’ve yet to make a contact there who can put on some shows for me… One day though!!

  3. Hi Peter,

    Congratulation for your new album, it’s a gracefully serenade, perfect for gaze the winter landscapes when I take the train, the bus or simply when my mind wants to escape.

    Please come in Nantes (France) 🙂

  4. Thank you Jérémy. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback. I’ve never been to Nantes but hope to do so one day.

  5. Love the new record! Any plans for shows in the U. S. (Particular SF) in the future? Would love to see you perform again

  6. Thanks Justin.

    I wish I could say I have plans to tour the U.S. . . . but the reality is that I very rarely get invitations to play anywhere in North America . . . and my European tour schedule is so busy that I don’t long for more shows. I hope one day this will shift a bit and I can start to perform some more in my homeland.

  7. Hi Peter,
    On the first hand, congrats for the new album!
    Last year, you were very kind answering an email where I asked you if there was any chance to see you in Ourense for the third time. Unfortunately, you didn’t come to Galicia at that time, but I was able to go to an event on November in Porto (which was really great!).
    Luckily, I’ll see you again in Ourense next year. Can’t wait for it!
    Best wishes to you.

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