All Together Again

I am very happy to announce All Together Again, a collection of commissioned works spanning the last decade, out November 17 on Erased Tapes. A few of these works have been released on small compilations in the past, but the majority of them are entirely unreleased, and for all of them it’s their first time on vinyl . . . a glorious 2 x 12″ set that clocks in at 67 minutes! And for those who still collect CD’s, there will be a CD version as well.

The first piece we’re sharing from the record is quite possibly the one I’m most excited about. It’s one of the longest, most joyful pieces of music I’ve ever created . . . and I really did have a lot of fun making it. ‘A Ride On The Bosphorus’ was commissioned to accompany a 17-minute ferry boat ride in Istanbul at the request of Irish artist Fiona Hallinan for her Heterodyne project, in which she asks different musicians to soundtrack different journeys. The soundtracks are then made available through an app which only allows you to listen to the music when you’re in the vicinity of the journey it’s meant to accompany. This piece has been available through the Heterodyne App for a few years now, but finally I can share it more widely with people who can’t make it to Istanbul or don’t have smart phones!

Have a listen below, and watch the beautiful footage of the actual ferry ride the music was made for, shot by Tadhg O’Sullivan. And if at all possible, find a stereo or a good pair of headphones which will allow the bass to come through. Dance! Smile! Let the sun shine in!

5 thoughts on “All Together Again

  1. Wow, this is simply gorgeous Peter! There are many layers. I loveeee it! Looking farward to All Together Again.

  2. Gorgeous as always! Any plans for a US tour in the near future??? Nashville would LOVE to have you!!!

  3. Thank you all!

    Mickey . . . I’d love to play in Nashville. No solid plans at the moment, but I do hope to start playing more in the states in the next couple years. Fingers crossed.

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