videos from the riga cathedral

spring greetings from oregon!

busy busy times for peter. for those of you in poland, i’ll be making an appearance in krakow at the off plus camera festival on the 7th of may. i’ll also be playing some concerts of collaborative music with my good friend greg haines in june . . . more news about that soon. or a sneak preview here if you like.

but for now i want to share something with you that is very special to me… on the 18th of march i had the incredible opportunity of performing in the riga cathedral (over 800 years old!) with a 40 piece choir and string quartet. i was looking forward to this experience for many months, and it proved to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. i want to send a huge thank you to my generous hosts in riga, who showed me with pride just how magical latvia can be. and to all who came to the concert . . . it was so great to share this night with you. lastly, thank you to the emila darzina jaktais choir and sinfonietta riga stigu quartet, for so graciously learning the songs and giving me the chance to perform material i’ve been dreaming of playing live for many years.

i have three videos to share from this unforgettable evening. one new song and two older ones. unfortunately this camera angle doesn’t give a good representation of just how massive the space is, but the sound is decent! enjoy 😀

8 thoughts on “videos from the riga cathedral

  1. hi peter,

    it’s beautiful and majestic!
    thank you very much for sharing. i watched these videos with headphones on 🙂

    thank you so much!

  2. Hi, Peter!

    Firstly let me thank you for the amazing opportunity to be part of this magical and very touching event – it was a true honour to work with an artist of this quality – you.

    Secondly thank you for putting up the videos! Many of our friends who weren’t able to come to the concert were dying to see bits of it.

    Thirdy – please don’t forget us, come back soon and bring some of this magic to us again! People here truly love your music and fantastic personality!

    And finally to all your other fans – please appreciate Peter as much as you can, share his work and let him get the worldwide love he deserves.

    Best regards,

    P.S. – it’s Mixed Choir of Emils Darzins or EmÄ«la Dārziņa jauktais koris. 🙂 for some video please search “Swedbank koris”

  3. S T U N N I N G.
    The original compositions alone are works of beauty but the version of Pulling the Rain with the orchestra and choir arrangement works so well. If there’s one piece of music I’d like in my ears when I leave this world it’s this heavenly masterpiece.

  4. A Glacier sounds incredible (as usual) and the new song ‘If I sinned’ is an instant like on first hearing.

  5. Truly inspirational and amazing Peter! Would have loved to have heard this live!

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