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happy 2014 everyone!

i have a lovely video to share… throughout all my concerts over the last seven years or so, i have learned to travel with very little, often borrowing instruments in whichever region i am. but one character has always been with me . . . my violin . . . and many times people have asked me what kind of violin it is. i tell them it was handmade by a very special man in the countryside near where i grew up in oregon.

his name is george david armstrong, and my mother recently sent me this video portrait of him. i think it’s beautiful, and perhaps you will too.

The Instrument Maker from Steven Dempsey on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “the instrument maker

  1. happy 2014 peter! 🙂

    thank you for sharing. it’s beautiful, and, serene 🙂

    wishing you a new year filled with peace, joy, health, love, and good happiness stuff 🙂

  2. beautiful video. he made your violin……………. amazing!

    happy 2014! this is a year that will be filled with things. definitely. and welcome back to the states! let’s hang out and play some musics again sometime soon!!!


  3. What a great film and a fantastic character.

    I get the feeling he chooses the musician for the instrument rather than the usual way around. Love the way he waits for the tree to decide it wants to be something else.
    Great philosophy.

  4. dear peter, this man has such wisdom and genuineness about his passion. It makes your violin even more special and long time being cherished. x

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