these walls of mine

if you happened to be following my flickr page in 2009-2010, you probably heard some funny experiments i recorded, maybe you even wrote some text for one of the songs. there was a lovely path of communication happening between myself and the people who came that page, and i was very inspired to create music around that situation, inviting strangers to collaborate and making a little musical game out of it.

robert raths (erased tapes label wizard) found his way to that tiny corner of cyber space and proposed that we make a release out of all the music and words and photos. and now in mid 2012 . . . tada! there is a finished album that will be released october 22. i got some help from the amazing martyn heyne at his lichte studio in berlin to mix the songs properly, and also added a couple newer numbers which i recorded after i stopped updating the flickr page.

coming soon . . . these walls of mine!

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