as most of you probably know, my career as a musician has been very much intertwined with and supported by a lovely danish band called efterklang. they were the ones who encouraged me to perform solo and showed me the ropes of touring around europe. since late 2007 we’ve been traveling the world together, sharing music and taken in all the sights and sounds and tastes.

now in 2012, efterklang have announced their fourth album, piramida. check out this lovely video for the first song on the album, hollow mountain, featuring yours truly on the violins!

2 thoughts on “piramida!

  1. The second time Efterklang played Seattle, you performed an opening set. It was possibly the most powerful, unique, and moving performance I have ever seen. You bravely carried it alone, backed by only your own live loops. I remember joking with Casper, “See? He doesn’t need you guys!” I’m endlessly thankful they encouraged your solo work; it has enriched many lives. When Efterklang returned, I was sad to see that you were not with them. I yelled out, “Where’s Peter?!” and he explained to everyone about your knee injury. I hope to see you again someday soon.

  2. Hi Peter
    I saw you performing with Efterklang tonight at The Sage Gateshead and loved the gig, and your performance. I actually saw you the last time Efterklang were there too, but then i wasn’t aware of your solo work.
    Your album http://www.itstartshear.com is extraordinary, i don’t think i’ve ever quite heard anything like it. I listen to it a lot. I’ve also been listening to your other work and intend to get to know it all.
    I’d love to see you up here in Newcastle performing your own stuff, please come and see us soon. And thanks again for tonight.

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