denmark shows announced!

i’ve been taking a little break from solo concerts for most of this year. but i’m very happy to announce a few concerts in denmark this autumn. i’ll be playing a short (20 minutes) set opening up for the orchestral efterklang piramida shows. word on the street is that i can use a small ensemble from the orchestra to accompany my solo set. i’m thinking two french horns, one trombone, and one vibraphone. sounds great to me!

photo by nan na hvass

7 Responses to “denmark shows announced!”

  1. jenny Says:

    efterklang! i love them. i’ve been also loving your album, it starts hear. fantastic to hear that you’ll be opening for them. hope you come to california some day..

  2. Mar Says:

    So great to hear! Will you also be playing a set opening in Belgium?! Because I would love to see you solo =)!

  3. Darko Says:

    Sounds great! Love your music, hope you can make it to Serbia one day.

  4. peter Says:

    the shows in belgium/netherlands aren’t quite confirmed yet. i hope it works out!

  5. Kevin Konak Says:

    Oh wow, will you open for Efterklang in London?!!! I absolutely love your album… so inspiring!

  6. peter Says:

    thanks! i won’t be supporting any of the shows in the uk unfortunately…

  7. Kevin Konak Says:

    That’s a shame regarding UK gigs, but I’m still super excited to see Efterklang! Hope you’ll play some gigs in the UK soon!

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