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i have been trying to get myself to write some kind of short autobiography for the about page on this site . . . and i’m having a hard time with it. so today i decided to create the biography by answering questions from whoever would like to ask. go here for more info.


music recommendation!

wildbirds & peacedrums – rivers

i had the great honor of supporting wildbirds & peacedrums for a short tour at the end of 2008. day after day i was blown away by their music, their energy, their kindness. seeing this band live is a truly moving and powerful experience, at least for me. the tour left me as a huge fan of this duo, and even better, it left me with two amazing new friends.

on top of that, it just so happens that both andreas (one half of w & p) and i love to skateboard, so we met up a couple times this last month for some skate sessions while i was in stockholm! just yesterday i met him in the morning for a few hours of skating before my flight back to berlin, and he gave me a copy of their new album, “rivers.”

words aren’t enough.


1. andreas at humlegården skatepark
2. in flight – stockholm to berlin

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