sharing in june


coming in september! how i love this song:
SOUVENIRS (laura arkana met peter broderick)

– incredible news regarding FOR NIHON. hollie writes, “Once we receive payment from the distributors, we will have raised over $31K in donations!!” i write, “awesome!!!”

a remembrance of my first proper artist residency. thanks and love to all from ‘t schop and incubate for making all this possible.

– a small strip of shows in the netherlands, belgium and germany to come in september, plus hopefully a tour of spain and portugal in november. dates to come soon. any song requests i could practice up on?

– love is all around you

One thought on “sharing in june

  1. I’m already super excited that you’re coming back to the sint elisabeth church. I can live with every song you play there :). that place is magical.

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