The Wind That Shakes The Bramble

New EP out September 10, 2021 on Erased Tapes! Including additional work from the Blackberry sessions, a two-part rework of the song ‘What Happened To Your Heart’, by Bing & Ruth, as well as the 22-minute title track — The Wind That Shakes The Bramble — an extended ambient oddysey which you can hear below.

The title of this work is an homage to a song called ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’, written in the 1800’s by Irish poet Robert Dwyer Joyce. In his original poem, the barley standing tall in the fields represents the resilience of the Irish people against oppressive British rule. Likewise, the Blackberry Bramble is a strong symbol of resilience for me . . . signifying nature’s strength by weaving itself all throughout our landscapes, holding soil together, providing delicious fruits, leaves that make wonderful tea, vines that can be made into baskets. It’s an incredible plant and a good friend of mine. Long live the Blackberry, and may you all stand strong amidst whatever wind shakes you!

Preorder the vinyl here, and keep an eye on this website for upcoming tour dates. Let’s cross our fingers we can share some music in person together soon.

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