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hello and welcome to my new website! i know it looks pretty bare right now, but i hope over time this can become the place where all my work is collected in some kind of organized manner. i plan to post updates here regularly, and i have many current/upcoming projects to share with you all very soon. for now, here is a small preview of what’s to come in the remainder of the year:

1. a new mini album called how they are, recorded live to two inch tape at type foundry studio (portland, oregon, usa) and mixed all in one day, back in april. it’s a sparse and intimate collection of songs and stories for voice, piano, and guitar. hush records will release the cd and digital formats in north america, and bella union will handle the rest of the world with cd, digital, and 12″ vinyl. there are three songs up on myspace, plus a video I made for the first track on the videos page.

2. autumn/winter touring around europe in support of the new release. primarily theaters and churches and art spaces with acoustic pianos, but also some festivals and rock clubs. i’ll be adding many new dates on this page in the coming weeks and months

3. a split 7″ release with johan g winther (aka tsukimono) should hopefully be ready in time for the october concerts. it’s a little 4 song ep called “peter broderick & johan g winther on johan g winther & peter broderick.” more details about this soon! johan will be joining me on tour for three weeks and supporting many of the concerts.

4. new score for congregation, a new experimental dance piece by kma. read more about this ambitious piece here. the work is just under 25 minutes, and the score consists of many many layers of many many instruments, including violins, violas, cellos, pianos, guitars, voice, celeste, glockenspiel, synthesizers, electronics, melodica, percussion, field recordings, and more… performances begin in september/october, including a few nights at tate britain.

5. more news soon! for now, you can have a look at this little animation which i recently made the soundtrack for. and read more about it here.

8 thoughts on “new site

  1. Congregation sounds so exciting! Bournemouth is only 30 minutes away for me, so I’m going to be at that one for sure. And hopefully I’ll be able to make either your London or Brighton show and say hello, finally.
    Looking forward to the new records.

  2. Where can I buy sheet music for your wonderful music, in particular “Pulling the Rain,” my daughter loves you!

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Ohhh I’m sorry to say there isn’t any sheet music for my piano music . . . so far it’s only written in my head! 🙂

  4. Hi Peter,

    I love the website (even if it’s not that new anymore!) Also love the music! Am a very big fan since seeing you play at The Green Man festival a couple of years ago. Well done on that gig (I’m a bit slow…) I couldn’t see any gigs lined up for London?!?!

  5. ciao Peter,ti ascolto sempre volentieri e spesso,soprattutto il tuo album “Docile”;che visto che anch’io suono il piano mi chiedevo come posso fare per trovare gli spartiti di quell’album;o almeno di Diverge,che per me è un piccolo capolavoro;per darti l’idea anche su “Erla’s waltz” di Olafur Arnalds penso la medesima cosa.Ma tornando a noi ti rinnovo i complimenti ma ti prego dimmi dove posso trovare lo spartito di Diverge,sto impazzendo pur di trovarlo:o se ciò è impossibile,perchè non è propio in commercio,allora non sò,vedi tu!apprezzerei molto un indizio;
    un saluto dall’Italia.

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