Techno For Lemurs

When planning to release the score for Two Balloons, I felt like it needed some extra material . . . after all, the score and the film itself are only nine minutes long.

One day the thought just popped into my head, I’ll turn the score into a techno song! I had never made anything that could be considered ‘techno’, but I’ve been developing more of an interest in that world of incessant, pulsing, heavy rhythm.

I didn’t want to simply make a remix that recycles the original recordings from the score, so I set about recording an entirely new piece of music that incorporates the main melodic themes from the score.

The film Two Balloons centers around Bernard and Elba — two ring-tailed lemurs. I was imagining maybe one day these two find themselves at some underground techno club, and this track comes on and makes for a romping good dance party . . . TECHNO FOR LEMURS!

The track was premiered on Resident Advisor, and can now be found streaming at the Erased Tapes Soundcloud page (and below here!). The Two Balloons EP comes out November 9.

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