Two Balloons

Coming November 9 on Erased Tapes, a new score for the short film Two Balloons!

There’s so much I could say about this project, I don’t even know where to begin. How about when I was teenager? I made a couple short records on a 4 track cassette recorder . . . most of the ‘songs’ on these albums were more like short little experiments for all different kinds of instruments. But there was one piece, a piano piece, that was more like a fully formed composition . . . so, lacking a good title for the song, I simply called it ‘More Of A Composition’.

Fast forward many years, and I get an email for a man named Mark C. Smith, telling me how much he loves this song, ‘More Of A Composition’, and asking me if he can use it in his film that he’s working on. Little did I know that it would be another five years before this nine minute film was done.

But the whole process with Mark was truly incredible. Visiting his set where all the little miniature characters were being made and photographed for the painstaking art that is stop frame animation. The thing that blew me away the most though, was the contraption that was made in order to simulate the look of the ocean . . . WOW.

This film was a labor of love, and even when it came time to record the score, Mark was interested in every little detail. We recorded on wire recorders (pre-tape technology!), broadcast our recordings through AM radio waves . . . it was awesome. And the whole score is based on this one old song of mine . . . well, except for Part 4, which is the part we’ve chosen to share first in announcing this score release. But ‘More Of A Composition’ turned into even more of a composition thanks to Mr. Smith.

I’ll share more info about this release in th coming months, but for now, you can feel free to have a listen to Part 4 . . . and I’m also pasting below to the original 4 track recording that inspired this film.

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