5 thoughts on “COTN

  1. hy peter, i love your music and i can´t wait to see you at the alínæ lumr festival in august! 🙂 have a nice sommer! norman

  2. Peter,

    I always get a bit excited when I see new music from you pop up somewhere along my internet meanderings. Today, Eli Glad – our old classmate from high school – tipped me off. I just finished giving the album a full listen and I’m thrilled. It sounds wonderful. Come play in San Francisco soon. Stay well.


  3. Hi, Peter! Love your music. Congrats for the new album. It’s so beautiful. Hope to see you in Brazil. Any plans to play here?

  4. kelly rupp! what a great surprise to hear from you! thanks for leaving that comment, and i hope we’ll cross paths again one of these days. thanks marcos and norman for your comments as well. no plans to go to brazil at the moment, but i’d love to make it there one day!

  5. Another fantastic album, Peter. “Get on with Your Life” is my current favorite, but I’m loving the whole thing!

    You should release the audio of the “If I Sinned” performance at the Riga Cathedral. The album version is great, but that performance is special.

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