three things

i’m getting ready to hit the road and play some shows in europe in support of colours of the night. looking forward to share some music with some of you people soon. three bits of news for now:

1. my sister, heather woods broderick, has a new album coming out on western vinyl july 10, 2015. while i tend to work at an almost frantic pace and churn out projects left and right, heather takes much more time to develop and nurture her creations. heather’s new record glider was recorded at type foundry studio in portland, and also at the sparkle, my studio on the oregon coast. i spent many snowy days working on these songs shortly after i moved to this little coastal town . . . we even started working on these songs when i was still living in berlin, and one time after she finished playing one of the songs i broke down crying. several of heather’s songs have had that effect on me. is it the brother/sister connection, or does she just make devastatingly beautiful songs? one is up for streaming over at npr.

2. david allred. i first heard of david when he emailed me out of the blue, informing me that he had transcribed my piano song ‘pulling the rain’ into musical notation, and he was requesting that i take a look at it and let him know if it was accurate. some time later david and i met in oregon, and we’ve been playing music together quite regularly ever since. david’s new album midstory is the first album produced entirely at the sparkle. david, you’re easily the most dedicated musician i’ve ever met and your odd but always honest musical ideas continually intrigue me. released on the lovingly handmade german label oscarson, this record is limited to 300 copies on 12″ vinyl. check out ‘don’t you wish’ and ‘lifestyle’

3. last but not least . . . the amazing narrenfabrik in peru made the most hilarious video for my song ‘one way’. somehow they found out how much i love cats and went straight for my heart with this guy dressed up in a cat suit being chased by a guy in a dog suit . . . have i given too much away?

4 thoughts on “three things

  1. Hey Peter,

    I just saw you at the Stadsschouwburg of Leuven, amazing concert! I enjoyed particularly the violin composition for a friend’s wedding. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Will it be on ‘Colours of the Night’?


    Thomas Cliquet

  2. hi thomas.

    i’m very pleased you enjoyed that violin song! there are no plans to release that at the moment. perhaps one day.

    very best,


  3. Yes, I was wondering the same thing. That piece of music was one of the best things I’ve ever heard. Please let me know if it would be released someday!

    Love from Belgium

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