proposed solution to the mystery of the soul

a few months back i received a friendly email from a man named bernhard wittich, saying he had just seen my video for i’ve tried and really enjoyed it, and he invited me to check out his video work. i responded quickly saying thanks and that i enjoyed his videos, and then bernhard offered his video skills for a song of mine. i sent him this short little bastard of a song, proposed solution to the mystery of the soul, hoping that might inspire something inside him… and here we are just a few months later, and bernhard has sent over the finished video. and i love it! endless thanks to bernhard and his team for donating their time on this. check it out!

bernhard wittich – director/cinematographer
leopoldo aroni – ‘soul-searcher’
david neumann – producer
andreas wittich – assistant director
oc2 – editor
dixie b. – color grading
special thanks to nicolo sommer

5 thoughts on “proposed solution to the mystery of the soul

  1. happy birthday peter!!!! 😀

    thank you always for creating beautiful music.
    and thank you always for being you 🙂

    have a golden & exciting year!!!!

    stay warm, and make a wish 😉

    peace and love,

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