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i don’t usually like to put too much emphasis on album reviews . . . but today a friend (thanks rutger!) sent me a link to this article on tiny mix tapes. and i must say that i really appreciate the words written there. thank you nathan shaffer for taking the time to dig into this project.

as usual, lots of musical projects in the works here in berlin. more to share soon! for some reason i’ve been going through old video clips of my teenage skateboarding days. i printed out this still image of me doing a fakie bigflip (that term will surely make sense to any skaters out there) down the stairs of my childhood back porch, and i started drawing lines on it and messing around with the image. and well, i think the news post is a little more interesting with an image, so here it is!

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  1. Hello… aw, this allusion about the roots of communication in caves is giant, great read indeed. Love the drawn photo as well.

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