crawl into my bed #2


and happy spring! at least if you’re in berlin (or somewhere close), you’re probably smiling about the warmth and sunshine these days.

anyhow, as requested by joshua gibbs on QUESTION 26, i’d like to share with you a live recording from my concerts in mechelen, belgium, back in february. for those who aren’t familiar with my first crawl into my bed recording, these long pieces were performed live for an audience of people who all had beds, and were encouraged to sleep while myself and a couple other musicians perform live late into the night. they’ve always been lovely experiences, and those two nights in mechelen were no exception. you can grab the recording here while this link lasts.

big thanks to kristiaan art for recording the show on february 23 and being so kind as to send me the recording in the mail. thank you!

still fresh:

2 thoughts on “crawl into my bed #2

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Peter, you really are a top fella. I’ve been listening to it several times today whilst preparing for a scary job interview tommorow which I’m a bit jittery about, and it’s the perfect background music to focus the mind without distracting me from the tedious task in hand, haha. Wish me luck, you’re involved now… !

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