the new album is out!

tip: try clicking the little spinning kitty on the bottom right corner of the website! it goes to a page with a film by alexander southam. me performing four tracks from the album live at durton studio, with the help of nils frahm and laura arkana on a couple tracks.

it’s a good feeling to have this project out there finally . . . it’s been a while in the making! if you want to read more about the album, there are some words in the last news post.

the best,


7 thoughts on “release!!

  1. Very well achieved site & album, much work indeed, comfy place to put a couch. Alexander’s film is stunning of good vibes and emotions. Félicitations & bonne chance Peter!

  2. wonderful. is there a way I can keep it with me on the train in the morning? I can’t see a place to download it?

  3. hi peter!

    i loooooooove your new album!!!! 🙂

    wow, thank you for your beautiful & unique music!!!! 🙂

    peace and love 🙂

  4. thank you all!

    christopher . . . the album is available on cd and vinyl through the record labels bella union (europe), hush (usa), and p*dis (japan), and it should also be on itunes, etc.


  5. thanks Peter, I didn’t realise this, I’ll certainly be picking up a copy. it’s a beautiful album. I really hope I get to sing along with you in a room soon, it’s been too long since I saw you last at Green Man. love to you.

  6. Hi Peter,
    Thank you so much for a copy of your new album. And congratulations also with this absolutely gorgeous work. I love it very, very much! The first song that struck me was no. 8, then no. 4, then nr. 5 and now I just can’t stop listening to all of them.
    I am listening now non stop – no kidding- and it is getting more beautiful all the time.
    It is Pure Gold. Thank you for beautiful music!!

    Kindest regards, and will we be seeing you in N. someday soon?
    Melanie vdV

  7. Hello Peter,

    just wanted to THANK YOU for this magical notes that you give us. I am completely enchanted by the Music for Contemporary Dance!
    I wish you all the best!


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