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i have been planning my first trip to japan since late 2009. finally at the beginning of this year things came together and i had a string of shows booked for april. on the night of march 10, while on tour, i bought my plane ticket. the next day when we stopped off for gas, i saw the horrible news. i walked into the little store with televisions in each corner, showing flashes of massive flames and floods. at the time i had also just finished scoring a documentary film about the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in haiti . . . my gut and my heart sunk very low that day. how little control we have…

in the weeks following this disaster, i met and talked to so many musicians who wanted to find a way to help. and now, two months later, i have been invited to participate in four different benefit albums from which all proceeds will go directly to japan. two of these records are available now. you can have a listen to my tracks here, and please do check out the whole compilations if you have the time. my trip to japan has been postponed until september . . . i look forward to then.

with love,


for nihon | unseen recordings

31songs for japan | flau recordings

(featuring Stella the dog)

p.s. i also updated the musics page with mp3’s for streaming from most of my releases 🙂

4 thoughts on “music for japan

  1. Hi, I’ve ordered “For Nihon” some weeks ago from Keith & Hollie — the CDs will be sent out maybe round first week of june, if all works well … It’s very nice to hear your contribution around here! Thank you. Thank you for your music. Cant’ await to meet you in Duisburg’s Steinbruch again 😉

  2. hi Peter,

    thank you so much for your love and beautiful music.
    after the earthquake,
    your music is healing me more than before,
    is encouraging me more than before.
    and it is helping me to keep myself positive.
    thank you so much 🙂
    sending lots of love from Japan.

    peace 🙂

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