rain is . . .

on the album blank grey canvas sky which i made with machinefabriek, there is a song called rain. in every review or comment i’ve seen about the lyrics to this song, everyone seems to think i’m singing, “rain is awesome.” and there are many people saying bad things about these lyrics.

the actual words are, “rain is all sound.”

i’ve been meaning to write that somewhere for long time . . . and now that it’s turning to spring and the rain is no where to be found, i finally got around to it! i don’t know if the actual text is better anyway, but maybe someone out there is curious to know that…

has anyone heard the new compilation on ghostly international? it’s called SMM: CONTEXT, and the last song is one from me called pause. have a listen if you like.


5 thoughts on “rain is . . .

  1. Thanks Peter, I hadn’t heard about this new compilation! I’ve been picking up some of Ghostly’s other compilations recently, so this is a nice coincidence. I’ve also been surprised looking back at other records they have put out that I love, but hadn’t realised were on Ghostly.

  2. hi Peter,

    thanks for the beautiful song 🙂
    we Japanese look forward to seeing you some time in near future.
    please take excellent care of yourself.

    and, i love the words “Rain is all sound.”.
    peace and love to you 🙂

  3. I like the words “rain is all sound” very much. Even though it’s stupid hot here in the UK (cherry blossoms are currently falling in an unseasonably wavy heat) I’m kind of craving the sound of rain too. Which reminds me of Piano & Rain, from 4 Track Songs; I used to put it on late at night and imagine for two minutes that non-existent water was pouring down on my non-existent porch. Rain pattering down is such a calming, comforting wash of fresh white noise, and the best way to experience it is tucked up warm inside (safe and dry) so that it IS just reduced to sound. And maybe smell, that unique petrichor scent… but mostly sound. Anyway, that’s a lot to write about rain when it’s a sunny Easter weekend, but I just thought I should take the chance to mention how much I like Piano & Rain, and how I think those critics really need to wash their ears out.

  4. I loved this song (heard it not so long ago on Digitalis/SomaFM) but thought it was “rain is awesome” and felt that slightly ruined it; knowing that it’s “all sound” makes it infinitely better and I love it even more – so thanks! I realise I’m 4 years late to this discussion, but SO WHAT.

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