split 7″ with johan g winther

first of all, a huuuuuge thanks to everyone who attended my concerts around europe in october and the beginning of this month. for many of those concerts i was joined by my swedish friend johan g winther, with whom i have a new split 7″ record!

the record is called peter broderick and johan g winther on johan g winther and peter broderick. i wrote a song about johan and johan wrote a song about me, and then we also covered each others songs about ourselves. so there are four songs on the record. then i took a picture of my face and he took a picture of his face, and i drew his photo and he drew mine. so there are four pictures on the insert.

plus, the swedish label tenderversion had the sweet idea to use old second hand vinyl covers and simply screenprint mine and johan’s names in big block letters over the top. so they collected 300 old 7″ records (many of them old swedish classics!) and got to work. the results are so cool! so cool they decided to make an exhibition of the different record covers at the release party for the record this friday (november 26) in malmö, sweden, at pÃ¥ besök. there you can handpick your own record and the music for the night will be from all the old recycled singles 🙂

those who won’t be in malmö can order the record HERE while they last!

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