to elaborate

dear readers and listeners.

i have recently seen a few reviews which have misinterpreted the lyrics to my song human eyeballs on toast, which was released on my latest mini-album how they are, and i felt compelled to explain the text to prevent any more misunderstanding. in order for this song to make sense, you have to imagine that i am a chicken. more specifically, a chicken in a factory farm, being raised for consumption by humans. when i wrote this song, i had just finished reading the book eating animals by jonathan safran foer. this brave and wildly informational book stirred up so many things inside me, when i sat down at the piano to write vocals over the top of this piano melody, i imagined myself as a chicken and these words just came out.

let it be known that i personally have no desire to put a man’s face in a frying pan, nor do i wish to end my own life. but if i were to trade places with one of these poor creatures, i’m quite sure i’d have every reason to despise the human race as a whole. i find the animal agriculture industry (especially in the usa) to be deeply, deeply disturbing and incredibly sad, and this song is a product of of that sadness.



feathers and a cage too small
chemicals that make us tall too fast
too fast

all my friends look the same
all of us feel the same pain
always pain

artificial sunlight here
perfectly calibrated year
and it feels wrong

so every time i see a man
i dream about his face in a frying pan
human eyeballs on toast

but when they seared off my beak
i realized just how weak we are
we are

and if i had a bigger brain i’d surely find a way
to take my own life
i’d end it all right here before my meat is how they want it

but that might be the only part of my body
that you haven’t tried to change
my altered life is the worst miracle my peanut can’t imagine

8 thoughts on “to elaborate

  1. i knew it –
    second listen it dawned on me – i find a beautiful beautiful and sad song.

  2. Crying…Listen to this song and watch othe videos from Animals Australia, such as the pig farms (sow stalls), Live sheep exports to the middle East, chickens with so many growth hormones they fall over because their legs can’t support their double “D” chests, rabbits restrained whilst waiting to have chemicals poured on their eyes to test products that make us pretty (ugly), piglets mutilated and castrated….Oh my god my head hurts!!!!
    Too much suffering-why weren’t we told earlier!!!!
    Beautiful song

  3. I truly connect with this song Peter… thanks for expressing your most sincere opinion.

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