What The Fog + Recent Live Stream

Happy 2021 everyone! To start the year off, David Allred and I are offering up the second release under our Allred & Broderick moniker . . . What The Fog . . . an 11-hour film score distilled into a 42-minute album, released by the lovely Belgian label Dauw. The music was originally comissioned by Vernon Lott and Jennifer Anderson for their 11-hour film, #monalisa, and has been edited and expanded upon for this release. For more information about the project, check out this article from Self-Titled Mag.

I think most of us are feeling a bit starved for live music right now . . . but if it’s any consolation, I’ve been doing a number of online streaming shows. Here’s the most recent one . . . a 30-minute soundscape created in Kilkenny’s Set Theatre, followed by a lovely set from my dear friend Adrian Crowley:

2 thoughts on “What The Fog + Recent Live Stream

  1. Hello, now that you are doing the archives videos is there a way to listen to the answers for ears again too??

  2. Hi! I do still have the answers . . . the problem is that I no longer have the questions! And in my opinion, the answers don’t make any sense without the question to go along with it… :-/

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