Folks! Please allow me to introduce you to CONSTANT PRESENCE, a new joint project together with my good friend Daniel O’Sullivan. We’ve been quietly working on some music together for the last year or so, and are slowly putting together some recordings which will become a record at some point down the line. But for now we’re planning to start playing these some of these songs live, beginning with our first CONSTANT PRESENCE show on August 10, 2019 at the intimate and lovely Servant Jazz Quarters in London. If you live in London, please feel free to join us! You can expect singing from the both of us, and lots of instrument swapping going on. And if you don’t live in London, have a look at both mine and Daniel’s upcoming solo dates, as we are often joining each other on stage and performing a CP song or two in our respective sets.

3 thoughts on “CONSTANT PRESENCE

  1. Hi there, Will you be playing a Constant Presence show with Daniel at The Workman’s, Dublin on 14/9?
    Regards, Brendan

  2. Hey Brendan. Indeed the show on the 14th will be a CP performance. It’ll be a bit stripped down because we can’t bring all the extra players who joined us at the London show, but Daniel and I will be performing some of our collaborative material as a duo. Hope to see you there!

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