Peter Broderick & Friends Play Arthur Russell

Happy Holiday time everyone! It’s been a wildly eventful year, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be bringing it to a close with this free gift for you all — an album of Arthur Russell covers recorded by myself and a cast of friends and family!

I wouldn’t even know where to begin in telling the story of how all this came about. For now, please feel free to head over to the Pretty Purgatory Bandcamp page where you can download the entire album for free, and also order limited vinyl and cassette versions if you’re interested. Plus there’s a CD version available from Lirico, here (if you live in Japan) and here (if you live outside of Japan).

Below here you can listen to the song ‘Come To Life’, featuring the amazing Brigid Mae Power on vocal harmonies, Daniel O’Sullivan on bass guitar, Peter McLaughlin on drums, and Arthur’s amazing nephew Beau Lisy on percussion.

12 thoughts on “Peter Broderick & Friends Play Arthur Russell

  1. Arrggh! This looks amazing! How can I order an LP for delivery to UK? I’m in Liverpool – so very close to Dublin! Ha! All I can seem to do is order it via the USA and spend loads on shipping??

  2. Hey Jamie! I know it’s strange, but the records are being pressed in Dublin and then sent to the record label in Maine (USA) where all mail orders are being taken. I understand if the shipping is too expensive for you, and I’m sorry for that!

  3. Nice work indeed, Sir. Thank you! Been more than dipping my toe in the works of Arthur Russell after your introduction whilst you covered ‘Eli’ at a live performance a few years ago and could not get it outta my head. Really enjoying the craft, he had some variety and talent in-depth.

    Happy Christmas and New Year!

  4. Christmas brought the CD to my hands, courtesy of my dear friend Tom, whose incredible art graces its cover. Magnificent interpretations of Arthur’s music, true to his spirit, yet infused with your own insights. Upon first listening, I was bowled over by the entire disk, but no cut hit me as hard as “A Little Lost”. Who would’ve thought doing it with a touch of ska? Great, great arrangement. Looking forward to meeting you on your next trip to this side of the pond.

  5. happy birthday peter!! 🙂

    thank you for making beautiful wonderful music 🙂
    i love your music! 🙂
    may your days be filled with love and happiness!!!

    peace and love 🙂

  6. Hi Aurora. No plans to perform in the US at the moment . . . if you know anyone who would like to put on a show, please tell them to get in touch!

  7. hey peter!

    i’m obsessed w the song Words of Love on this record!
    i’ve been trying to find original recordings/more information on it, but have had little success. can you point me in the right direction?
    thanks for making this beautiful record, it’s been a real joy to listen to.

    thanks from texas,

  8. Hi Ollie. Glad to hear you like that song . . . I love that song too! That is actually one of two songs on the album that have never been released in their original version (the other is ‘You Are My Love’). Hopefully at some point before too long The Arthur Russell Estate will release these beautiful songs to the public. For now, these are the only versions out there.

  9. I love this. Thank you.

    Are there any plans for a UK vinyl distribution without the big shipping costs?

  10. Hi Marcus. There were a handful of copies picked up by Forte Distribution in the UK, which were then sent out to various record shops. It appears there are presently copies available from

  11. Thanks for coming to Liverpool Peter, it was just fantastic…musical highlight of my year without a doubt!

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