Find The Ways

Find The Ways, my collaborative record with David Allred under the name Allred & Broderick, is out today via Erased Tapes!

You can stream the entire album over at self-titled mag, and you can read my track-by-track description of all ten songs over at The Line Of Best Fit.

Tour dates with David coming soon . . . I’ll be posting all new confirmed dates on this site.

3 Responses to “Find The Ways”

  1. L Says:

    So nice. I heard a song, just voice and violin, that began ‘I’m opening up in all new ways’. I thought it might have been on here.. any way I could hear it again?

  2. peter Says:

    David and I actually started playing that song together at one point! But then for some reason we stopped… I’ll bet that song will see the light of day sometime in the future…

  3. L Says:

    It’s a nice song.. thanks peter!

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