Peter Broderick sings Arthur Russell!

My dear friends from Efterklang have invited me for a very special performance in Denmark this Summer, on July 29th. They have asked me to play an entire set of songs by the amazing Arthur Russell. As a huge admirer of Arthur Russell for many years, I will gladly embrace this opportunity to learn some of the amazing songs he created. I’ll do about half the set solo, and then be joined by a band for the other half. So excited for this!!!

5 thoughts on “Peter Broderick sings Arthur Russell!

  1. Oh my I love Arthur Russell
    I would feel
    a little lost
    If this will be a one off performance

  2. So very excited and pleased that you are doing this. Watched your ‘promo’ tape announcing your participation in the festival and you sound great and along with Arthur’s family I wish you all the best in this endeavor. Please keep in touch and pass along any videos of the performances if you are able. Tom

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