Years ago in Berlin, there was a time when many of us musicians were using the Grunewald Church to record in and for hosting concerts. In 2010 the small Japanese label Cote Labo released four piano based tracks of mine on a split record called Glimmer. That same year, a Japanese compilation called Variations Of Shade featured a piece of mine called ‘Violin Solo No. 1’. These five tracks (the four piano ones plus the violin piece) were all recorded on the same night at the Grunewald Church, and it is with great pleasure I can now announced that they have been collected onto a single EP called Grunewald, to be released by my good friends at Erased Tapes on 9th of December.

Grunewald will be available on 10″ vinyl and CD, as well as digitally, and can be pre-ordered here. Several of these pieces I have been performing and will continue to perform while touring the Partners album with solo piano and voice. You can hear the last track, ‘Eyes Closed And Traveling’, below.

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  1. Hi! I really love what your piano music. Creats so much emotions in me.
    I would like to learn Eyes Closed and Traveling. I spent a whole day looking but I can’t find it anywhere!

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