partners interview + portland show

A few weeks ago I sat down with a lovely man named Robert Ham in Portland, Oregon to answer some questions regarding my forthcoming album, Partners. The resulting article has now been published on Bandcamp. Head on over there if you’re interested in hearing more about the album. In addition to the first single, ‘Carried’, they are offering of a stream of the last track on the album, my cover of the song ‘Sometimes’ by Brigid Mae Power, with whom I’ll be sharing many concerts this autumn.

For those of you who happen to be in Portland, I’ll be performing an intimate set of violin + upright bass + voices with the amazing David Allred on August 24th. For our concert poster, David and I sat down and made one of those drawings where one person draws the head, then folds the paper and the other draws the torso without seeing the head, then folds it over, etc. For those of you unfamiliar with David’s work, I highly recommend his album Midstory, which we recorded together at The Sparkle, as well as his forthcoming 10″ vinyl, Woods, on the lovely Oscarson label.


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