3 vinyl reissues + a purty song

Three new vinyl reissues available now!

1. Docile
One of my very first releases, a mini album of very simple solo piano music, available on 12″ for the first time, thanks to my long time friend and supporter Mr. Chad Crouch at HUSH Records.

2. Music for Falling From Trees
A piano + strings score I made for the lovely dance piece by Neon Dance, on 12″ for the first time as well. Available in Europe through Erased Tapes, and the rest of the world via Western Vinyl.

3. Music for Confluence
Only released on CD and digital before, this one is on vinyl for the first time! It’s a score for a documentary film and features some really lovely contributions from the amazing Arone Dyer of Buke and Gase. Released worldwide by Erased Tapes.

And what’s even more exciting (at least for me) is this new single from the incredible Brigid Mae Power. I had the absolute privelege of recording her self-titled album last summer, due out June 10th on Tompkins Square. This song, ‘It’s Clearing Now’, slaaaaays me. Featuring yours truly on drums, keys and strings. Can you dig it?

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