a couple tunes and a show

Someone left a comment on one of the recent posts here asking about an old song of mine called “Let Go / Hold On”. I finally got the chance to dig up that track and spent a little time remastering it and uploaded it for stream and download. I also dug up a live recording from last summer at the Sou’Wester Lodge and made a mix of my performance of the song ‘I Unfold’, Originally written by Brumes, a song that really hit me when I first heard it. I’ve uploaded this track as well. Those of you who saw me live in 2015 very likely heard me perform this song.

Also, a last minute concert on the west coast! February 26 in Arcata, California at The Sanctuary, I’ll have the chance to share the evening with Brumes. I’ll be performing a set of new piano material including my new favorite piece to play, John Cage’s ‘In A Landscape’.

More news soon. Here are those couple of tracks:

6 thoughts on “a couple tunes and a show

  1. Stunning as usual. Took me a long time to find The Brumes track but loved your version when seeing you live last year and couldn’t get it out of my head, a real thoughful and simple song but magical. Their album is a lovely piece of work.

  2. Let go/hold on had been swirling around in the back of my mind since 2008. I’m glad to hear it again. Thank you.

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