news for the new year

happy 2016 everyone!

as my first news of the year i am thrilled to share that i’ve been accepted as artist in residence at the sirius arts centre in cobh, ireland. cobh is perhaps most well known as being the last port of call for the titanic before it left for america. the sirius is a beautiful old yacht club on the harbor, turned into a centre for the arts.

this residency means i’ll be staying there several times throughout 2016 and letting the local landscape become inspiration for my work. at the moment i’m planning to work on an idea i’ve had brewing for a while now for a long-form orchestral piece. more about that later . . . hopefully.

i also hope to share some other news very soon . . . key word: PIANO

here’s what it looks like when you bury a small irish boy in grass and then snap a photo with a disposable camera:


3 thoughts on “news for the new year

  1. Hi peter, I remember listening to a song of yours. I think it was called hold on/let go and was recorded around the time of home.. Is there anywhere i can listen to it? Thanks

  2. Hi Peter, Maybe it sounds corny but i just want to let you know that you really move me with your music. I’v cried a lot in 2014 while listening to It starts Here. Thanks for being who you are! I hope you will come back to the Netherlands again this year to comfort me with a concert. Have a nice time in Cobh!

  3. Congrats on the residency, Peter. I look forward to hearing what these new landscapes and the coming year brings you. I sincerely believe you to be of the great artists and musicians of our time. Your music holds a special place in my heart, and I’m grateful to have found it.

    Happy 2016!

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