two more shows + brumes

2015 is almost over already and i have just two more shows in ireland before hibernating for the rest of the winter. december 12 in kilkenny and december 19 in cork. if you’re in ireland come and say hello!

i’ve been meaning to write something here for a while now about an amazing musical discovery i made this year. my friend mariano in portland had been telling me for a while how obsessed he was with a group called brumes from portland . . . and at some point i told him he should invite them out to my little studio the sparkle to do some recording. i still hadn’t really heard their music, but i could tell just from his enthusiasm that it must be great.

several weeks later brumes arrived at my front porch, and i realised that the main songwriter, desireé rousseau, was someone i’d seen around portland many times. about a year before i had seen her frequently at a particular coffee shop. she was usually there with an older woman (who i came to find out was her grandmother), and i always thought the two of them looked so sweet together. without knowing desireé at all i felt she must be someone who does something really cool.

and wowww was i pleasantly surprised when i heard her and her band playing in the studio. i fell head first into their musical world. i don’t really like to pick favorites, but i have to say that brumes has been my most powerful musical discovery of 2015. i feel so honored to have been involved in the making of their beautiful record ‘soundings in fathoms‘, and to have made some new great friends.

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