COTN RMXD is out!

ok! after months of delays the COTN RMXD 7″ is finally available from beacon sound. this record is the result of a remix competition which took place towards the end of last year. my two personal favorite remixes are on the 7″, which also includes a digital download of all the remixes submitted for the competition.

bijan berahimi, the graphic designer for everything to do with colours of the night, went all out for this 7″, remixing his own design by printing out elements from the album design and cutting them up and making collages. the record comes sleeved in a screen printed vinyl bag complete with rainbow foil art print. there are only 100 copies of this thing and every single vinyl is a different colour!

i’ll have a handful of copies with me at my upcoming european dates (more dates to be announced soon!), but other than that you can only get a copy straight from the source.

check out this awesome labyrinth of rhythms from kin;aesthetic:

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