outside in here

how happy i was when my lovely sister sent me a cover version of my song “inside out there” (from last year’s these walls of mine) a couple weeks ago!

for one thing, i never imagined this would be a song that someone would cover… but ohhhh do i smile when i hear her sing those words . . . and it looks fuckin’ beautiful . . . all of a sudden it feels like much more of a song than it ever was! she took that little bastard of a song turned it into something magical.

what can i say . . . i love you heather woods broderick! we’ve come a long way since this photo, snuggling with our grandmother. have a listen!



4 thoughts on “outside in here

  1. woooow! it’s fuckin’ beautiful!! sweet sweet ear candy! 🙂
    thank you very much for sharing!

    broderickS are so beautiful and magical 🙂

    “from the ground” is one of my favorite album of all time.
    i really like her voice, music, and air…. ethereally beautiful.

    thank you so much!!

    oh, peter, don’t you cover her song? 😉

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