two items

1. i am very happy to announce the release of a small collaboration with a musician who has been a huge inspiration to me over the years, even long before i ever released my first solo recordings. under the name eluvium he has created a library of sounds which must be toward the top on my list of recordings-listened-to-the-most. we have created two tracks together, each just two minutes in length, which have just been released on a limited 5″ lathe cut disc on brian records. with just 200 copies, it seems most copies have been sold already, but i should have a few copies with me at my upcoming concerts in the netherlands, belgium, etc. have a look/listen with this lovely and minimal video by ralph etter:

2. back in june i mentioned my artist residency at ‘t schop. well, on september 18 i will return to this beautiful farm to play a small lunch concert and to screen a 20 minute film directed by jef monte which documents my time there. you can see a small preview here:

One thought on “two items

  1. I was just wondering about that 5″ disc when standing in line for Seeljocht concert last sunday, great that you still have a few left. I’ll surely try to get one of them the 17th of sept in Amsterdam.

    The Seeljocht concert in Vlieland’s church was without doubt the most wonderfull concert I have ever attended – teardrops and all – you guys made a lovely combination. Thanks for that. (any idea what will happen to the recordings?)

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