Tsd Loaner Agreement

The platform equips car rentals with tools to automatically identify underage drivers and expired licenses before printing the agreement, saving time and money. TSD RENTAL is an enterprise-wide solution that can be easily accessed via the Internet. It is also easy to use and requires no additional software, server or equipment, which minimizes hardware costs, IT requirements and maintenance costs. Securely send your customer an email or SMS with their consent. Allow the customer to sign from their phone to allow for a safe and comfortable experience. “PDF printing, as offered by TSD and Tara Graphics, helps protect merchants from liability for an incomplete or false form,” said Jerry Marcotti, Lexus Service and Parts Operations Manager. “Automating the management of the rental car fleet is extremely useful for improving customer service and management control, and the addition of a professionally and accurate printed agreement at no cost for order forms is another great advantage of TSD LEXUS Loaner Management Software.” The main advantages of TSD RENTAL are its database, technical support and loan contracts. TSD LOANER management software is the only loan system authorized for informal printing at Lexus dealers. TSD, Lexus and Tara Graphics have partnered to provide third-party rental software: track third-party rental vehicles as if they were part of your own fleet. You know how much money is spent on loan outside the ATM.

The update process protects merchants from any change in the legal language on their document and saves them form fees. Until now, merchants` services had to invest in forms to print their contracts. Apart from costs, all stored forms had to be rejected at any change or update of the legal situation. With the new informal printing procedure, merchants only need plain paper to print a fully legal and up-to-date loan agreement. Resellers need a duplex printer to print forms correctly. Contactless options such as pickup and delivery and contactless pairings. Allow your customer to choose a vehicle from their phone. TSD RENTAL`s database is searchable and automated, making it easy for companies to control their costs and expenses.

Credit agreements and the time required for their manual processing will be reduced, as well as the time spent searching for tickets or violations of the tool. Even walk-in customers benefit, as the search for available vehicles is now only enough at a glance….

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