Disability Living Inc Enterprise Agreement 2016

This agreement was only reached by union members like you who took action and fought for a better deal – well done to all members for your hard work, you did it right! Information and instruments are available on the Commission`s website to support the conclusion of an agreement. Visit an agreement for more details. The Victorian Disability Service (NGO) Agreement 2019 (MEA) has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and you have a new company agreement! If you have sought and fail to reach an agreement, HACSU was worried about cuts in our members, who have fought hard for conditions and conditions for a long time. Many employers have started talking about terminating old expired company agreements and putting our members in the SCHADS Modern Award, which would have had the effect of significantly reducing your terms and conditions. Start by going to our document search and trying to search for a full text for agreements. If you have any questions about your new Enterprise Agreement, please contact HACSU Assist at 9340 4100. But with the help of former Fair Work Commissioner Julius Roe and a few forward-looking employers, we were able to develop a fair agreement for our members, which preserves many old requirements for existing employees as well as new and better conditions. The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers negotiate with their New Approaches programme. Read more about The New Approaches on the Fair Work Commission website.

Fair Work Commission publishes company agreements on this website. To see a copy of the agreement, click here: www.fwc.gov.au/documents/documents/agreements/fwa/ae507210.pdf company agreements are collective agreements concluded at company level between employers and employees on working and employment conditions. The Fair Work Commission can provide information on the process of establishing company agreements and evaluate and approve agreements. We can also look at disputes that arise over the terms of the agreements. You are covered by this new agreement with several employers if you work for one of the following employers: company agreements can be adapted to the needs of certain companies. An agreement must improve the overall situation of an employee in relation to the corresponding price or prices. Registered agreements are valid until terminated or issued. It was a long and highly contested campaign on the part of HACSU and its members, launched in late 2016. In 2016, employers were concerned about NDIS pricing and their ability to afford their operations in the future.

If a job has a registered agreement, the bonus does not apply. However, the quotes attributed to HACSU Secretary of State Paul Healey: Modern Awards span an entire industry or profession and offer a safety net consisting of minimum wage rates and terms and conditions of employment. Special thanks are also extended to the HACSU negotiating team, consisting of Lloyd Williams, Kate Marshall, Mark Farthing and Elisa Dickenson, who have fought hard for our members` terms and conditions over the past 3 and a half years. If you receive help to understand the wages and minimum conditions that apply to you, contact the Ombudsman for Fair Work. This was unacceptable to the hard-working members of HACSU, who deserve much better than the SCHADS Modern Award. “The hard work and tenacity of our members is the reason we are achieving this huge result. Victoria is once again a leader for the best possible outcome for people with disabilities. ». . .

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