Agreement In Math

All business terms are in compliance with acceptable laws and constitute sound business practices for any organization active in the education sector. Details of the terms and conditions of sale will be available in the Cuemath Teachers` Partnership Agreement, which all our future teachers should enter into the agreement before establishing their Cuemath Learning Centre. The Faculty of Mathematics is part of the following international agreements: Mutual Termination: When and who can terminate the agreement between Cuemath and the teaching partner. Depending on the agreement, cuemath or the teaching partner can terminate the contract with a period of 30 days. Download a presentation of our student agreement for EM fellows The quota of specialists participating in the exchange is set by the Cooperation work programme. Additional agreements may be concluded on the basis of separately agreed agreements. Partnership agreements with Cuemath teachers are legally binding. They include some important aspects of a teacher`s work and relationship with Cuemath, including: non-exclusivity: The appointment of Cuemath teaching partners in and around a given location is entirely determined by the demand for the program in that location and Cuemath does not promise any territory to any teaching partner. The growth of the learning centre is seen as a shared responsibility. Cuemath and the teacher work together to market to parents. Cuemath teachers are formally called Cuemath Teacher Partner (CTP). They are partners, not employees. These conditions reflect this relationship.

In the implementation of cooperation within the framework of this Agreement, the Parties shall be guided by the basic provisions of the legal document currently in force, namely: the agreement between the governments of the two countries on scientific, educational and cultural ties, as well as other long-term documents defining the legal basis for relations BETWEEN RUSSIA and TURKEY. The procedures for exchange visits will be in line with the agreed cooperation work programme. Participation in turnover: the fees paid by parents are divided between Cuemath and the teaching partners in a ratio of 50:50. Non-competition: Teacher partners who choose to work with Cuemath may not work, own or manage other competing learning programs. No transfer or subletting: Cuemath courses can only be delivered by the cuemath teacher partner trained and certified in her learning center and no one else. Responsibilities: Cuemath is responsible for the development, supply and maintenance of the Cuemath learning system, related training, technology and logistics management of printing and shipping work files and other related logistics to teachers. . . .

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