Reciprocity Agreement Prijevod

Nothing in the above provisions of this annex can depart from the provisions of bilateral agreements between the successor states on the same subject, which can be consistent, particularly between those States. 4. The procedure in paragraph 3 of this article is strictly limited to the interpretation of the terms used in the relevant agreements and does not in any way allow the expert to determine the practical application of those agreements. In particular, this procedure does not apply to any successor state on the basis of reciprocity and takes the necessary steps, in accordance with its domestic law, to ensure that the provisions of this agreement are recognized and effective in its courts, courts and administrative agencies and that other successor states and their nationals have access to those tribunals. , courts and agencies to ensure the implementation of this agreement. (ii) the original text or certified compliant copies of the Treaty of Osimo and the 1975 Osimo Agreement, as well as all agreements, archives and related work relating to their negotiation and implementation, are immediately made available to Croatia and Slovenia in order to negotiate, in full possession of the relevant documents, the consequences of these contracts with Italy for their respective states. The competent judicial authorities intend to conclude an agreement to improve international tax compliance on the basis of the automatic exchange provided by the Convention, without prejudice to national legislative procedures (if any), in accordance with EU law (if any) and subject to confidentiality and other guarantees provided by the convention, including provisions limiting the use of the information exchanged therein. 2. The distribution of real estate is done by mutual agreement between the five states. In the absence of an agreement on the distribution of real estate, successor states are subject to a procedure in which each property chosen by a single state is acquired by that state and, where two or more states have chosen the same property, those states jointly consult which of them will acquire that property.

States may enter into bilateral arrangements to ensure the payment of Pensions under Articles 1 and 2 to persons who, in a state other than the one that pays the pensions of those persons, ensure, for the transfer of the resources necessary to ensure the payment of these pensions and for the payment of pensions, in proportion to the payment of contributions. If necessary, the conclusion of these final bilateral agreements may be preceded by the conclusion of an interim scheme to guarantee the payment of superannuation in accordance with Article 2. All bilateral agreements between two states override the provisions of this annex and resolve the issue of reciprocal claims between state pension funds in relation to the payment of pensions contracted before these agreements come into force. 2. This agreement may be amended by amicable agreement between all relevant authorities that are in force. Unless otherwise agreed, this amendment takes effect on the first day of the month following the expiry of a one-month period from the date of the last signing of this written agreement. (h) the part of SFRY`s official external debt to the members of the “Paris Club” which has been taken over by some of the successor states under the terms defined by agreements between each of them and the members of the Paris Club; All individuals and legal entities of each successor state have, on the basis of reciprocity, the same right of access to justice, courts and administrative agencies, that state and other successor states, in order to guarantee the protection of their rights.

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