Good Acronym For Agreement

Good idea from the senior officer. Sardic and amusing acronyms for the army and emergency services. (See also WAGII – thank you Mick Whelan) (Thanks Stephen Carr, and thanks to John Stanley, who confirmed to me that he had invented the acronym his best in the 1970s. Here`s the John Stanley site that will be useful, especially if you`re interested in the retail industry.) The finest known cleanser /fornication with the approval of the king / for carnal island knowledge. Let`s start with the “Finest Universal Cleaner Known” Bacronyme. Apparently, it was originally an acronym for the Royal Navy (Bacronyme) to describe “elbow fat” and remind that physical exertion generally produces the best results of all, regardless of modern technology. The meaning behind this wonderful acronym is supported by the following story (thanks N Spargo): Apparently, just before World War II, the British armed forces adopted a new strap (belt and belt to carry ammunition, a bottle of water, a bayonet, etc.). The new strap was made of heavy canvas (kaki for the army, blue grey for the air force, white for the navy), with numerous brass buckles and straps on the belt. Of course, it was necessary to keep the strap clean and bright for which the sailors Blanco (white white) and Brasso (brass brass) were distributed. The first examples of the new strap were particularly difficult to clean, which gave the official order of the former neighborhood leaders to use a lot of “elbow grease” because it was the “Finest Universal Cleaner Known”. The sailors quickly understood the importance of the initials and developed a typical piece of popular wisdom: “If Blanco doesn`t clear it up and Brasso doesn`t clear it up, then fuck`s.” See also BUGGER.

Separated fuck has been interpreted as bacronyme with the meaning Fornication Under Consent of the King, and separately (thanks B Murray) also for the carnal island knowledge to affirm the two different stories that these expressions are the roots of the word itself, although unfortunately none is true. See the entry of fuck in the words and clich├ęs page. It`s good for the parts. (Actually, not a car manufacturer, but a popular automotive acronym. Used in the same way fatally in the health sector. Originally was General Post Office) Loads Of Money But A Real Dickhead. As if confirmation were needed; Inheritance or accumulation of wealth is not necessarily correlated with decency and integrity. A good acronym for the focus on Maslow and Herzberg. (Thanks DM for memory) Lombard is indeed a very old word for a pawnbroker, derived from Lombardy in Italy, where the system flourished for the first time due to religious constraints related to the loan of money.

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