Dss Enterprise Agreement 2015

b) the 2015 Australian Public Utility Award; and 6.1 On 8 February 2018, all moves, with the exception of Moving AGD staff, are subject to the enterprise agreement in force at the Ministry of the Interior and this provision no longer applies to these moving workers. 6.2 On February 8, 2018, paragraphs 5.1 to 5.3 no longer apply to a moving AGD agent. An AGD moving employee is subject to the enterprise agreement in force at the Ministry of the Interior, but retains the salary applied to him on February 7, 2018. 1.1 This provision is the definition of domestic policy, non-mobile staff of sES 2017. . (a) continue to apply to relocations in their current form, unless a directive, directive or procedure is not likely to carry out a useful activity due to the introduction of workers to the Ministry of the Interior; and 7.1 It is not inconsistent with this provision for an agency head to adopt a provision within the meaning of section 1 of section 24, paragraph 1 of the Public Service Act 1999, which complements the employment regime applicable to a worker by the exercise of that provision. (a) the worker is no longer employed by the Ministry of the Interior; 2.2 This provision will remain in force until a new provision of the Fair Work Commission comes into force within the Ministry of the Interior. The provision in paragraph 24, paragraph 3: Non-SES workers who are to be transferred to the Ministry of the Interior under the provision under Section 72, paragraph 1, point a), of the Public Service Act 1999 (a) are the conditions set out in the Attorney General`s Enterprise Agreement in 2016 (including the January 27, 2017 [2017] FCA 613 commitment); In paragraph 24, paragraph 3 of the Public Service Act 1999 5.2 If the conditions set out in paragraph 5.1 relate to directives, directives and procedures (whatever the description), these directives, directives or procedures are: b) a dird employee without a move is the one included in the 2016 Agreement of the Infrastructure and Regional Development Division; 6. Passage to the PREDOMINANT ENTREPRISE CONVENTION on FEBRUARY 8, 2018 ……………… (c) any annual salary prescribed by Sub-Regulation 8.1 al.

2 of the 1999 Public Service Regulations. (e) Moving staff is an employee of the GSP (with the exception of an SES employee) employed by: (a) Moving AGD Employee, a moving agent employed in the Attorney General`s office just prior to transfer to the Department of the Interior. . 5.1 Before February 8, 2018, the terms of employment (including remuneration) of: 5.3 The terms of employment covered in point 5.1 apply instead of: . (b) are not part of this provision and this provision predominates in terms of priority policies, guidelines or procedures in the magnitude of the inconsistency.

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