Verbal Agreement On House Sale

Q: I made an offer for a house, I refused, I made a counter-offer, the verbal agreement was made on this offer. When we went to put money seriously, they were told they had a better offer and were in luck. Another real estate agent stepped in with his client with a higher offer and took us home. There was a verbal agreement with the sellers, is there a remedy when you can take it? Or can steps be taken with the real estate agent to reduce the sale and agreement? I think brokers are like car sellers, can`t trust any of them….-Anonymous, South Wilmington, IL Notaries are free to set their own fees. Fees are based on rates or rates (which vary depending on the sale price of the property and the amount of the financial loan) and it is sometimes possible to negotiate the notary`s fees and the percentage charged by the notary. It is advisable to contact more than one notary to compare fees. One of our lawyers found that, in theory, the sale of land can take place: existing houses are generally sold as “koper (kk)). Das bedeutet, dass alle Mehrkosten wie `bermenssteuer (Grunderwerbsteuer) und Notarkosten vom Kuufer zu tragen sind. An interested buyer learned this lesson in the hardest way. He preferred to negotiate verbally with the seller the purchase of a property in Oakland, Calif. After several days of verbal negotiations, buyers and sellers verbally agreed on the price. The innumerable details that make up the entire sales contract were not discussed. The broker who submitted his client`s offer acted in the best interests of that client (as any broker should); Remember that it was the VENDEUR who did not respect your oral agreement and accepted the higher offer.

Really – the broker of the other buyer moved quickly and did a service to his client by providing them with the house. As a buyer`s agent, I move as fast as I can to get things in writing, so that it doesn`t happen to my clients. Unfortunately, this can happen with “hot” properties. I hope it will help. Holly Pasut is a real estate agentĀ® with Hines and Associates Realty in Cornelius, NC.

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